February Only - 25% Off of Pee Whiz

Have you heard about the newest sensation by Poopy Do? Itís called Pee Whiz and if you havenít heard of it yet, you will soon. We have recently created the perfect solution to all of those messy and letís face it, smelly, accidents that can happen whenever your fuzzy feline or pooch has an oops. Pee Whiz not only removes fresh stains and odors, but removes old, set in stains that you thought would never go away.

For the month of February only, Poopy  Do is offering 25% off of our entire line of Pee Whiz products, so you can see what all the fuss is about. If you would like to give it a try, we offer a convenient 32 oz spray bottle. If you already know and love Pee Whiz our 1 gallon jug is a great way to keep your home always smelling great and at 25% off you canít beat the price. Our best deal is the combo pack which offers the 1 gallon jug and 32 oz spray bottle.

What are you waiting for? Try Pee Whiz at 25% off today and remember this great savings is only for the month of February. Click Here


The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Do you have someone that loves their furry little friends as much as you do? Why not give them something that will save them time and money for the next special occasion that arises. Poopy Do offers gift cards of various denominations, so whether you would like to give them a month off of cleaning up after their adorable mess maker, or want to go all out and let them have a year without the work, Poopy Do has a gift card that is right for you.

The Poopy Do gift card is so simple to order, it makes gift giving a breeze. Either go online or give us a call to get your gift card sent out today. They have no expiration date and are redeemable for any Arizona pet waste clean up and removal or litter box removal service. Give the cat or dog lover in your life something they will genuinely love, a Poopy-Do gift card! Click Here